We proudly introduce our professional services:

Dearborn Architects consistently delivers outstanding service and has a reputation of providing quality and value. The firm has been recognized for its contribution to the Central Area Plan with an Honor Award for excellence in Urban Design from the American Institute of Architects as well as receiving the 2011 City of Evanston Preservation and Design Award for work performed on the Evans Scholarship House at Northwestern University.

Site Selection

Site selection services are available for both unimproved lots, and to evaluate existing buildings for new uses. When selecting a site with unimproved land for new construction, it is important to review the site, the adjacent buildings and uses, the zoning, and public transit, parking, and many other concerns. Many of these same considerations apply to the evaluation of existing buildings. In existing buildings, we look for visible structural deficiencies, existing utility capacity, visible integrity of building components, and existing construction that is not code compliant. For professional guidance, call us when you are looking for your next property.



Schematic Design provides a general outline of the project.
Design/Development adds additional detail (early pricing estimates typically occur in this phase) to the schematic design.
Construction Documents are fully-detailed plans from which contractors can construct the design.
Construction Administration services are available to assist the Client evaluate contractors, respond to questions, review applications for payment, and review work for design intent.

Owner’s Representative

We provide owner’s representation services, assisting the owner or tenant, to make informed decisions about their project. Clients focused on developing their brand’s physical assets without the distraction of managing construction, find value in our owner representation services.

Our owner’s representation services may include providing design, construction, phasing and relocation representation, acting as the liaison between the broker, design team, landlords, contractors, and client vendors, and coordinating amongst these parties to place the client’s interests first.