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Dearborn Architects is a unique group of professionals that focus on corporate clients, commercial, medical, dental, child care/ day care, office,  and industrial market segments. Panto-Ulema Inc. dba Dearborn Architects, established in 1998, is known for customer service, promptness, and attention to client’s needs. We began our business on relationships; with clients, builders, suppliers, real estate agents, and financiers, to bring a flexible team approach to projects. We like to ask our client’s the same question we ask ourselves – how can we help build upon your history, towards your goals?

Affordable, knowledgeable, professional, reliable, and quick. — Dr. Tess McKenzie, Ph.D

World-Class Service

As experienced commercial architects, and as fellow business owners, we understand that time is money. We strive to give our clients a good product at a good value. If we don’t think a project is right for our team, we are always happy to suggest another Architect. Bottom line: we want our customers to be as happy at the end of the project as when it began.

Local Expertise

Whether your project is in Chicago, Milwaukee, or Guangzhou China, chances are we have worked in the area, or have relationships with local firms to partner with. We treat every project as if we live across the street.

Efficient and Effective Solutions

It’s better to ask questions and be surrounded with talented individuals. We do research, provide options, and discuss the pitfalls and benefits to choices made during the design process. We work with our clients to develop and adhere to their construction deadlines and project budgets.